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Fic rec - Sara's Girl

I have been meaning to write a review/recommendation for the stories penned by the inestimable saras_girl for some time now.  She is perhaps the most well-known of all the Potter fandom writers, and with good reason.  Every single one of her stories is full of clear characterisation, more depth and sense of place than in many novels, and every one is a joy to read.  I have avoided HPfic for several years, because it seemed just too icky - Harry and co are children, after all.  It is saras_girl that has converted me, and what a successful job she has done.  I am now a "Drarry till I die" believer, and a shameless fangirl besotted with this, far and away my favourite fanfic writer.

She has written several oneshots and three multi-chaptered HP fics.  If you go to her journal, you will find a masterlist as the top post, so I won't be listing them all here.  I will, however, run through some of my favourites.  I shall link to the stories on, because that's the site I prefer to read on (and it's easy to convert stories on there to kindle format).  If you'd rather read on LJ, then that's where her masterlist will link you to.

Talk To Me is a oneshot set in a fluffy 7th-year Hogwarts.  It is as Sara's Girl says, a strange little love story.  Harry falls victim to an accidental (or was it?) curse, and is left blind, deaf, and alone.  He's helped by a mystery stranger, who devises a method of communication.  It is a beautifully intense story, in which we are trapped in Harry's head along with him.  You feel his panic, frustration, relief, gratitude, and his dawning realisation of just who his benefactor is so clearly drawn it makes for delicious reading.  This is the oneshot that I keep on coming back to again and again - there's just something about it that captivates me.  I would beg for a continuation of this story, but to be honest I'm not sure it would be improved by adding more.  The high-tension intensity of this story would be hard to follow, so I'm happy to make up the "what happens next" myself.

The Next Twenty-Four Hours is a post-war oneshot.  I can't call it angst - this is high tragedy.  I love stories that make me cry, and this one can be relied upon every time.  It is full of an impending doom that makes my heart ache.  It's rather rare for Sara's Girl to write a story from a first-person perspective, but it is a good choice in this story, which follows Harry as he spends the hours before Draco's scheduled execution.  The feeling all the way through is a hopeless desperation combined with love, and all you want to do is stop things from happening.  It's beautiful and sad, and a wonderful counterpoint to all the fluffy cheeriness and contrived angst that exists in this fandom.  I first read this story when I was feeling somewhat melancholy, and it was the perfect companion to my mood.

Reparations is a post-war multi-chaptered story.  It follows Harry as a trainee Healer in a perfectly-imagined St Mungo's.  Draco is expertly characterised, being prickly, fiercely intelligent, and of course absolutely fascinating to Harry.  The slow-burning development of their relationship is entirely believable, and I shall have a fondness for stationery cupboards for the rest of my life.  This story is joined by its sequel, Foundations, which is equally delightful.  Both stories have some original characters who have become favourites of mine - I defy anyone to dislike Cecile Mackenzie.  If you like your Drarry to be completely and utterly real, with loveliness, arguments, and misunderstandings, then look no further.  These stories are both complete and are a joy to read, and to read again, and to read again.

Turn is a post-war, epilogue-compliant, multi-chaptered fic.  It is almost complete - there is just the epilogue left to go.  It follows Harry as he finds himself in a situation he could never have predicted, and then what he decides to do with his life after realising some essential truths about himself.  It's hard to review this without spoilers, so I'm afraid I shall just have to be cryptic!  Draco is gloriously familiar, both to canon-Draco and to the lovably prickly (and slightly neurotic) Reparations-Draco.  As this story is epilogue-compliant, both of our main protagonists are obviously considerably older than in most fics, which is a pleasant change.  The responsibilities that both of them hold are more weighty, but they're also more developed as people - they're more confident and self-aware than younger men.  It is full of little moments which round the story out into a world which is so sharp and clear that it's hard to remember that this is, in fact, fiction.  Draco's reaction to pink wafers is quite possibly one of my favourite moments in fanfiction.  I have loved every tension-filled moment, every nonsense-filled moment, and every one of the scorchingly hot sexy moments in this story.  I am both looking forward to and dreading the epilogue - on one hand, I want more, and on the other hand, I never want it to end.

I think I will be a hopeless fangirl of saras_girl for the rest of my life.  She writes beautifully, and I've not read anything of hers yet that I didn't like.  The stories I've mentioned are my favourites, but she has a whole host of others.  What are you waiting for?!  If you've not read anything of hers before, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  If you have, then I'm sure you will already agree that this lady is one of the most talented writers in the fandom.  She's also a lovely person, as evidenced by her indulgence of my manic and flaily fangirling at her, both on her blog (and now mine as well), and in every review I write.  I think I might go and reread one of those oneshots now...

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