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Fanfic Masterpost

It's the done thing to post a masterlist, it seems, so here's mine.

Please note that all the links below are for either LJ or fanfiction.net.  I have also got an account on AO3, though, which serves as an archive for all my fic regardless of what fandom I'm writing in - including the very short comment!fics.  If you want to read my stories there, then follow this link: evilgiraff on AO3.

Star Trek (reboot) (slash)
Most of these are comment!fic (and therefore short) inspired by pics posted at jim_and_bones - the comm is locked, so join to read them there, or go to AO3.

A Change in Perspective (Kirk/McCoy, PG, 1100 words)
Sometimes things can stare you in the face for years before you cotton on.  Shameless self-indulgence.

Fixation (Kirk/McCoy, R, approx 2800 words)
Five times Leonard can't take his eyes off Jim's hands and one time he focusses on something else entirely.

(Kirk/McCoy, G)
My first comment fic! It's sunny, and Jim is waiting.

The Right Thing
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic.  Leaving is so hard.

A Visit from the Captain
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. Jim comes to Sickbay.

In Darkness
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. A PWP that ended up just WP. Slow and warm.

About Time
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. They're fools if they think no-one else ever noticed.

(Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)
Comment!fic. Bones is being held hostage.

Where the Shadows Lie
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. He should probably know not to take things at face value, but the ring, nestled on his finger, is soon forgotten.

Through Glass
(Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)
Comment!fic. This owes more than a casual nod to the fantastic film The Prestige. Bones is trapped.

Strange Threesome
(Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)
Comment!fic. Multiple Boneses is not as exciting as you might expect.

Windows to the Soul
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. Sometimes, the captain can be seen with a hollow sort of look in his eyes.

Words Without Pictures
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. Some people don't like to use the phone.

A Misty Morning
(Kirk/McCoy, G)
Comment!fic. Everything is strange, in the early morning.

Harry Potter (slash)

The Deep Places (Harry/Draco, PG-13, approx 2400 words)
Who's afraid of the dark? A dialogue-free story written for hp_silencio .

Haste Thee Away (Harry/Draco, PG-13, approx 16,000 words)
Deathly Hallows AU. It's dangerous to walk in the woods at full moon. This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood; a grim fairy tale of fear and courage.

The Bridge of Dreams (Harry/Draco, G, approx 3100 words)
A bedtime story.  All fluff, no danger. Written for wedding_eels.

Progress (Harry/Draco, PG-13, approx 7500 words)
Five years after the end of the war, and Harry's taking part in a remembrance pilgrimage across the country. When he realises another old schoolmate is also taking part, it's all too easy to fall back into the habit of watching Draco Malfoy.  Written for hd_smoochfest 2012.

(Harry/Draco, R, approx 4600 words)
A picture is worth a thousand words. Post-Hogwarts, EWE though generally otherwise canon-compliant.

Twilight (slash)

Charming Beauty Bright (Jasper, R, approx 28,000 words)
How can you cope when you are left all alone? Sometimes little epiphanies can be life-changing. Sometimes new friends can make all the difference.  A gentle story, AH.

Charming Beauty Bits and Pieces (Jasper, R, approx 10,000 words)
Outtakes and companion pieces to Charming Beauty Bright. These will work best if you've already read CBB, or at least read the corresponding chapter on there first.

Betsy and the breakdown (Jasper/Emmett, R, approx 4000 words)
Jasper's car breaks down, and a stranger stops to help.  PWP.

Twilight (het)

Embrace (Edward/Bella, R, approx 5000 words)
"Why would anyone want this? Why would anyone want me?" Bella thinks she's got nothing to attract anyone, even herself. With a new friend to tell her like it is, will she realise that she's wrong?

Sentenced (Edward/Bella, R, approx 3000 words)
Many people would call me a heartless killer, a fiend, a monster. I wouldn't argue with that.

The Secret Garden (Edward/Bella, PG-13, approx 2000 words)
With Bella, Edward, and a garden.

Thermodynamics 101 (Jake/Leah, R, approx 6600 words)
This is a story of wounded souls, and the love that heals them; a story of loneliness, and the laughter that conquers it; a story of troubled pasts, and the bond that gives them a shining future. Written with Domysticated.

Comfort and Joy (Rosalie/Edward, R, approx 15,000 words)
12 days that can make or break a relationship. 12 days that can lead to hope or despair. Which path will Rosalie and Edward choose? Written with Domysticated for the 12 days of Christmas writing challenge.